If I was a work of art . . .

If I was a work of art

May 14, 2013

If I was a work of art
I would be a picture of the wind
blowing fast.
The wind, sort of light blue,
really hard and strong.
I would be blowing away
from hatred,
blowing toward love.
When people see the picture
they would know
I was going the right direction
instead of the wrong one.

Anthony Manago
3rd Grade

Thorndyke Elementary After School Program
Writes of Passage Poetry Class with Vicky Edmonds
May 2003

You are invited to share this poem and the following questions with someone:

– If you were a work of art, what would you be?
– As with all poems, the words are so wise. How does knowing the poet was in 3rd grade affect you?
– What would your inner 9-year old say to you today?

The student 10 years later